About Us

Founded in 1997 by owners John Chamberlin and Brent Swenson, our goal has always been to provide distinctive and effective design solutions, along with a design experience that‘s both enjoyable and rewarding. With every client and project, we strive for a process that’s personalized and focused, yet still relaxed and even fun. At Rhombus, we’re not pretentious design-types – our clients have discovered that although we take their visual communication needs very seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

What Makes Us Different?

Well for starters, you always know who you’ll be working with. Unlike a large impersonal agency, your input isn’t filtered down from an account executive to a project leader to the designers and production staff actually working on your project. With all those steps, your original message can be easily diluted. At Rhombus, our modest size means that we eliminate the middle-man — the person you discuss your creative needs with is the same person designing your materials. That means you get the work you asked for, every time.

But don’t let our size fool you. Like a virtual agency, we have a vast network of trusted industry partners whose talents we tap as required for any given project. But the beauty is we don’t have the overhead of keeping them on staff full-time, so we can keep our costs down without sacrificing the quality of our work.

And the biggest difference of all is that you will actually have fun working with us. There’s no drama, no designer attitude — just a common goal of creating some great design work that serves your needs, not ours.